We offer reliable and quality industrial services so that your company has everything it needs to achieve its goals. Keep your electrical installations in excellent condition by letting our highly qualified team of licensed electrical technicians install, maintain and repair your systems to support the growth of your business. Knights Electric LLC is your trusted local electrical company in the greater Stillwater, Oklahoma region.

We work side by side with each client to provide the highest quality of work, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our highly trained technicians will run in-depth diagnostics on your electrical to identify and resolve the problem. To ensure that your electrical and lighting systems are always performing optimally, Knights Electric offers a range of industrial services:

  • Electrical Repair
    You can rely on Knights Electric for electrical repairs and maintenance, as even a small electrical problem can pose a safety risk. Our highly trained technicians use the latest tools run in-depth diagnostics on your electrical to identify and provide a solution. Our representatives follow the standard electrical code to make sure any maintenance projects are safely handled to prevent any risks to your staff.
  • Lighting
    Let our team of qualified and licensed technicians solve your electrical lighting problems so that you can focus on your business. Our professional electricians follow the standard building inspection procedures to get an overview of the building. Our attention to details such as socket placement, bulb types, and panels ensures a clean and reliable lighting system.
  • Service Calls
    Your satisfaction is the main priority of our certified team of technicians. When you need to service your lighting systems, electrical systems, or upgrade your panels, contact Knights Electric for reliable services and our consumer desk will respond promptly to resolve your electrical issue.
  • Panel Upgrades
    System reliability and safety are two of the most important aspects of electrical installations. You can be confident when you hire Knights Electric because our technicians strictly follow recognized standards, as well as national and state electrical guidelines to ensure quality and safety when carrying out panel upgrades.
  • Panel Replacement
    With Knights Electric, you can be sure that panel replacements perform optimally and will last far longer than the existing panels. Knights Electric is deliberate about maintaining strong communication with you to make sure that all electrical installations, repair, and maintenance work is performed on schedule and within a competitive budget.