Knight Electric LLC is an Oklahoma-based electrical service company with a record of providing quality electrical services within the greater Stillwater, Oklahoma region. Whatever electrical issue you have, you can rest assured that our trained technicians can diagnose and carry out the necessary repairs in a safe, efficient, and professional manner.

At Knights Electric LLC, we consider each client as part of our family. That’s why we strive to offer excellent services for maximum consumer satisfaction. Our company representative will work hand-in-hand with you to gather critical information about the electrical problem in your home, a plan of action, and perform high-quality repairs.

Why Choose Us?

We invest in a team of trained electrical technicians who are all licensed, and capable of providing stand-alone consumer service. You can expect transparent and professional services. Our prices are highly competitive, but our service quality remains uncompromised. Our services include:

  • Electrical Installation
    As a leading electrical-service company, Knights Electric LLC offers top-tier electrical installation services to ensure your home receives sufficient power supply to meet your family's demands. Our technicians understand the national electrical code, and can design your home wiring while adhering to the state electrical code. Our residential services include electrical construction, installation, and engineering.
  • Electrical Upgrades
    Don't let your outdated electrical fixtures affect your electrical supply. Maintain an excellent electrical supply in your house by letting us handle your electrical upgrades. Our licensed electricians are committed to keeping your home up to date by installing the latest wiring systems and technology.
  • Diagnosis and Repairs
    A small electrical problem can pose a safety risk. Even a faulty electrical outlet may lead to catastrophic house fires. Our expert electricians utilize state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose the most complex electrical problems. They follow the standard repair procedures to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Service Calls
    Don't be left scratching your head after an unexpected electrical failure. Our consumer desk is ready to receive your calls. Knights Electric LLC responds quickly to your distress calls to get your electrical supply working properly in as little as 24 hours.